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Our Remix of the Bicyclette cocktail is perfect for fall in Florida



This month's Remix is yet another Campari-based classic; Campari has been my drink of choice for years and years and I guess I'm guilty of playing favorites.

And the Bicyclette is as basic as it gets – just a glass of white wine with a shot of Campari. Legend (unprovable) has it that it's so named for the old French men who wobble home on their bikes after "a few glasses of wine" at their local café ... neither white wine nor Campari is especially high in alcohol, but drink Bicyclettes all afternoon and you may be surprised how wobbly you get, too. It's barely a "cocktail," but the warm-weather classic was something I was itching to improve upon.

That's right, I said warm weather. Oh, were you expecting something woodsy and brown liquor-ish, just because it's November? Wake up. You're in Florida and it's 80 degrees out there. What they call "fall" may be time to break out the heavy autumnal vibes elsewhere, but here it's the best time to go outside, whether you're riding a bike or just sitting on your porch. So this classic sipper came to mind, since I've been enjoying those very things in the past few weeks.

The impetus for the Remix was twofold. First, I got my hands on a bottle of a current bartender obsession, Combier's Pamplemousse Rose, a liqueur that's hard to come by in retail outlets in Orlando (but you can sub in Drillaud's version; it's not bad). Second, I remembered an article about "pamp" (grapefruit syrup mixed with rosé) being the sensation of the summer in France that caught my eye last month. From there it wasn't a big leap to try making a Bicyclette with rosé instead of white wine; no one's importing le pamp, but using the Combier seemed like a sure bet. Campari and grapefruit juice go fabulously well together, and this drink mixes the bitter and the sweet together in perfect balance.


2 ounces Campari

4 ounces white wine

lemon peel (optional)

Add Campari to a wineglass, fill halfway with ice, then top with white wine. Garnish with lemon peel, if desired.


2 ounces Campari

4 ounces dry rosé wine

1/2 ounce grapefruit liqueur

grapefruit peel (optional)

Add the spirits to a rocks glass over a large piece of ice, or a large wineglass half-full of crushed ice. Stir and serve; add garnish if desired.