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The family behind Oh My Gyro! couldn’t help but let a bit of their Indian heritage creep onto their halal menu



While the fare served from halal food carts of the sort found on the not-so-mean-streets of the Big Apple veers toward Middle Eastern (and gyros, of course, are Greek), the quadrumvirate behind Longwood's Oh My Gyro! couldn't help but let a bit of their Indian heritage creep onto their menu of rice platters and pita sandwiches.

Milky chais, hearty lassis and fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice comprise the beverage portion of OMG!'s bill of fare, but veg, chicken and beef samosas are permanent Desi fixtures as well. The brothers Kermali, Husein and Abbas – along with their wives, Rukhsana and Tanaz – admit leaving New York was a tough decision for them, but like many a New Yorker, the slower pace and warmer weather beckoned. And like many a New Yorker, they perpetually longed for the very things from which they escaped.

"It's a hard place not to miss," says a wistful Husein Kermali, "so we decided to bring a taste of New York to Orlando and, I have to say, the street cart food we serve at Oh My Gyro! is the same that's served in Manhattan." The proud declaration isn't without merit. Sure, the foil containers filled with chicken and gyro meat, yellow rice, pita bits and healthy drizzles of requisite white sauce and hot sauce pack them in during lunch and dinner hours but, for the Kermali gang, those vessels of comfort do one more thing – they bring back great memories. —FK

Oh My Gyro!
1150 W. State Road 434, Longwood