The Groove Staff Pick

Restaurant Details

The people who put this corporate dance pad together certainly did something right: a comfortable mix of locals and out-of-towners gyrate to the beat of a very Orlando-sounding lineup of DJs at this modern-looking launching pad. The Groove isnâ??t some converted warehouse coated in black-matte finish; this multilevel beast boasts plenty of fancy chill-out areas and curious side rooms, decorated -- of course -- to the full limits of theme-park extravagance. The manually operated video system adds just the right amount of swirling imagery to an already potent lighting system. Feeling claustrophobic? Head to the breezy terrace that overlooks one of CityWalkâ??s busier avenues for a breather.

On Saturdays, a guaranteed good time can be had as a packed floor pulses to body-moving sets of nationally recognized house champ Noel Sanger and invited special guests. -- Mark Padgett

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