The Naysayer Presents The Understory

When: Sat., May 2, 8 p.m. and May 3-June 5 2015

It’s hard to believe in our post-camera-enabled smartphone culture, but there was a time when the only way to know what a certain species of animal, insect, plant or whatever looked like was to check out detailed drawings made by people who actually had seen that thing. Though scientific illustration doesn’t really get the respect it used to, the photorealistic drawings of local artist Heidi “the Naysayer” Kneisl are strongly influenced by the style. Instead of dry anatomical diagrams, though, the Naysayer’s tableaux feature scenes of the subjects interacting: freakishly large snails cavort with a snake, a bat shouts at a bee, a praying mantis gathers berries to protect them from dripping mollusk slime. Check out the 18 Micron pen-on-Bristol board illustrations at this show, then splurge on packets of mystery prints that you can take home and color yourself, or take home an art zine by the folks who make Is It Over Yet? featuring illustrations from the show. Either way, it’s hard to say no to this one.

Price: free