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The Pets of Orlando Weekly

We tell you what we love best about the animals we share our lives with



Tucker (Orlando Weekly's assistant editor dog), Doc and Button belong to Erin Sullivan, Editor

"Tucker is sensitive and sweet and loves people so much that he practically melts with joy when somebody looks at him.

"Doc has no filter, and he does everything with insane determination – he's trained and titled in tracking, he adores people and he'd sell his soul (or mine) for a biscuit.

"Button is generally afraid of new people, places and things, but at heart he is such an optimist that he always tries to be a good boy and overcome obstacles whenever he encounters them."

Signy belongs to Ashley Belanger, Associate Editor

"Once, I brought Signy to the Appalachians, and she scaled them like a mountain goat. Best hiking buddy ever."

Koffin and Mimi belong to Adam McCabe, Creative Director

"There is no reward greater than living with an animal that will voluntarily sleep on your head, slap you in the face for no reason, and then frantically bolt across the room to poop in a box ... I'm sure that's what my cats say about me on a daily basis.

"... Sorry, what was the question?"

Victoria and Anastasia belong to Billy Manes, Senior Staff Writer

"Victoria and Anastasia are my incredibly hyper and lovingly royal miniature pinschers. They're twins who were rescued from an Alabama foreclosure, but that doesn't stop them from pretending to be glorious all of the time. They take after their dad, immensely."

Decca belongs to Jessica Bryce Young, Arts & Culture Editor

"Decca is beautiful, curious, strong and slightly insane. But no matter how many things she shreds, breaks or climbs, she always ends the day by flinging herself on my left shoulder and purring me to sleep."