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The Sideshow is in town, and we’re the freaks

Bar Exam: The what, where and why of Orlando drinking



15 N. Orange Ave.

After work or after hours?

Beer/wine or liquor too?
All three!

Check all that apply:
(X) fancy cocktails
(X) make ’em strong and keep ’em coming
☐ wine list (5 choices or more)
(X)craft beer
(X)beer: the usual suspects
☐ wide selection of bottles (more than 15)
☐ wide selection on tap (more than 15)

(X) Y
☐ N    
Fancy Polynesian-inspired carnival grub. (The kitchen closes at 11 p.m.)

Smoking allowed?
☐ Y
(X) N   

Outside drinking?
☐ Y
(X) N

☐ Y
(X) N

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad?
Complete with funhouse mirrors, the bathrooms remain true to the theme and clean – for now.

(X) Y
☐ N     

What’s on?
Whatever’s hot at the moment. Sports, presumably. Large carnival portraits slide over to reveal flat-screens.

(X) Y
☐ N   
There’s a trippy, projection-mapped light show every night.

Loud music or background music?  
Background music by day, loud party awesomeness by night.

Games? Check all that apply:
☐ pinball
☐ video
☐ pool
☐ darts
(X) other: A giant spinning roulette wheel that determines featured shots

Essay question: Why should I drink here?     
You don’t go to a carnival to drink hoity-toity craft beer – you want to get drunk on the classics and ride some rides. In this case, the ride is your own class-act drunkenness. It’s a trip to see passers-by stop mid-stride and soak in the ambience. Can you blame them? The place is a visual marvel. The Sideshow is in town, and we’re the freaks – act accordingly.