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The War on Drugs gets lost in classic rock comparisons

Album review: The War on Drugs’ ‘Lost in the Dream’



The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream
Secretly Canadian
★★★ (out of 5 stars)

Continually switching back and forth between Bob Dylan wheezes and brash Bruce Springsteen bellows, the War on Drugs’ newest album, Lost in the Dream, can get lost in classic rock comparisons and associations. It’s the best and worst of ’80s dad-rock with just enough synthesized electronics to keep pushing boundaries, if at least just a little. The War on Drugs’ ringleader, Adam Granduciel, has a fine way of adding surprising weight, whether it’s through the subtle introduction of a grooving saxophone or the slightest melody or rhythmic shift, and it’s all due to his meticulous attention to production and planning. These movements are often not as pronounced as they could or should be, but they still manage to open up the tunes into otherwise-unforeseeable grand outbursts. Lost in the Dream is a purposeful album, fiery in its passion to re-create the classics.