The Warriors party and charity event

When: Sat., June 27, 2 p.m. 2015

The Warriors are a bunch of street thugs living in an oddly apocalyptic New York City, circa 1979. They spend their time traveling in packs, communicating in odd, stilted ways and gleefully battling other gangs for turf, bragging rights and glory. Pugs are tiny warriors. They prefer to travel in packs, they communicate in odd, stilted grunts, and they gleefully battle for their spot on the couch, belly rubs and biscuits. Therefore, it makes complete sense that this showing of the cult classic movie The Warriors is a benefit for Pug Rescue of Florida, which gives chunky little warriors who find themselves cast out of their packs a chance to find new turf to defend. OK, enough with the bad analogies. Head to Rogue Pub tonight, watch the movie, check out some Warriors-themed art and drink craft beer to help some cute little doggies. Come out and play, won’t you? – Erin Sullivan