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Thrown back to the dog days


There are certain places that people pass by every day of their lives but never really notice. That miniature Statue of Liberty, for example, or the power-line towers shaped like mouse ears near Celebration.

Did you ever notice and wonder about the little building on the corner of Magnolia and Marks, the one with all the people in front of it during lunchtime? That's the Lunch Basket Sandwich Shop (901 N. Magnolia Ave., 407-422-7402), and you'll not find a better throwback to the 1950s. It has actually been in operation since 1974, but if you long for comfort food like a homemade meatloaf sandwich on white bread with ketchup, or a chili and slaw dog, come here. Things are priced to come out even. A steak-and-onion sub is $5.66, or six bucks with tax -- so no change needed. The place is absolutely packed around noon, so plan a leisurely lunch hour.