Tittie-Thyme's 3rd Zine Release and Hobby Fair Holiday Boogie

When: Sat., Dec. 20, 8 p.m. 2014

As last year’s ?#@*$%! the Mainstream: the Art of DIY Self Expression at UM’s Lowe Art Museum demonstrated, zines are a legit art form. Which is why we’re thrilled that Orlando’s suddenly blooming with them: Orlando Zine Fest premiered in June 2013 (we’re hoping for another one soon?), featuring local mags like Kick Bright and Is It Over Yet?, but the strong and beautiful women of Tittie-Thyme hadn’t unleashed their abundance upon the scene yet. In the six months since then, though, they’ve put together three issues and a strong reputation for throwing the best parties in town. This one should be no different: Browse and buy irreverent crafts and vintage cloth- ing, make a holiday ornament, pick up issue No. 3, and enjoy a special Buttery Nipple shot with the artists. Tittie-Thyme’s stated mission is to “empower, encourage and uplift”; the “have fun” part kinda goes without saying.

Jessica Bryce Young

Price: free