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Too-cozy cops


The March issue of Police magazine includes advice for all police who must investigate incidents on corporate property. Don't be too comfortable with your biggest "clients," writes editor and ex-cop Dennis Hall. Interestingly, he uses as an example the Anaheim PD's mishandling of a Christmas Eve death at Disneyland.

Two guests were hit in the face by a ship's 8-pound cleat after it ripped lose. A man died, and his wife and a Disney worker were injured. Cops took more than an hour to arrive at the park, and then dawdled in the office with the PR types while workers cleaned up the blood. Hall did not name the police agency because, he writes, "There but for the grace. ..."

Hall's diplomatic message bears consideration here, where from time to time deputies gripe about Disney's policies. Writes Hall in the 52,000-circulation magazine (3,000 here in Florida): "Do you take Goliath's -- or anyone's -- word that it's ‘just an accident'? Or do you do your job like a pro and find out for yourself?"