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Tristyn Cook

The Hen House: The World's Smallest Bardello



The Hen House is located in the middle of Wall Street Plaza. Maybe you’ve missed this tiny bar-dello while stumbling down the brick streets, but stop in once and you’re sure to return. We specialize in craft beers and unique cocktails and boast the only hand-pumped cask ale around! Tristyn, the head bartender, has been at The Hen House since its early days and has been sharing her passion for great drinks for over two years.


Tristyn’s “Old Fashioned Florida”

Fill old fashioned glass with ice and saturate with homemade orange bitters
Muddle until dissolved
1.5 oz of Woodford Reserve
Add a dash of fresh squeezed orange juice

Gently stir 5 times with cocktail spoon
Garnish with local, fresh orange slice, and a cocktail cherry