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Turn your kitchen over to a pro chef



Are you all thumbs in the kitchen or just too busy to cook? It's still possible to have a top-notch dinner whipped up in your own home. Hire a chef for a night through New World Personal Chef Service (15452 Bay Vista Drive, Clermont; 352-406-8351).

Chef Andy Williams, formerly of the Brown Derby at Disney-MGM Studios, will come to your home and prepare either a meal you choose or a selection from his long menu. His tempting offerings include "ancho chili and orange-glazed pork chops," "roast chicken with cranberry-barbecue sauce" and "teriyaki-glazed Cornish hen." Williams does all the shopping, freezes the leftovers and cleans the kitchen. Most meals cost about $20 per person when purchased as packages. The "introduction package" features five meals for two, priced at $200 when prepaid. For details, visit the website at