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SANE Vitaae is the first-ever clinically proven, brain and cognitive health-enhancing, anti-aging formula. As described on the official website, the supplement may contribute towards diminishing brain-related inflammation. Interestingly, the formula consists of only a mix of four essential ingredients to battle against brain inflammation that is at the root cause of having low energy and slow metabolism, to memory loss and trouble focusing, or even anxiety and depression.

Although aging is highly likely to increase the odds of reduced cognitive function, there’s more to this narrative than what society tends to reveal. Many health professionals are beginning to voice their opinions on a condition called, leaky brain syndrome. But how do these 4 anti-aging, brain-boosting “fountain of youth” super-nutrients found in Vitaae supplement work to fend off the Neurological Inflammation?

As per the study by the Brain Institute, University of Utah who examined the effectiveness of Sane Vitaae anti-aging brain boosting health formula, it is time to say goodbye to the weight gain, brain fog and subpar energy levels. For those not familiar, Leaky brain syndrome is when the body is excessively inflamed by unwanted toxins. With further access to essential fuels that strengthen these damaging substances, individuals are unfortunately faced with poor brain health.

Thankfully, a clinically proven, 2-in-1 solution called SANE Vitaae is reasoned as having sufficient strength to rectify it all. Curious to find out more? The following guide covers as much detail on SANE Vitaae™ as possible.

What is SANE Vitaae™?

Sane Vitaae is an anti-aging, brain health formula created with therapeutic grade nutraceuticals. According to the official website, SANE Vitaae provides multiple benefits including:

● Improved mental clarity, deeper concentration and better mood
● Sharpened mind and focus and increased energy levels
● Enhanced cellular energy
● Unexpected weight loss as a side effect of rectifying brain inflammation
● In spite of all that, the benefits are nothing if it weren’t for the actual formula itself. Without further ado, let’s move on to complete analysis on the ingredients list.

What’s inside SANE Vitaae™?
Anytime there is a high profile formula like the SANE Vitaae supplement, automatically the first thing that should come to consumer's mind is what is inside. The ingredients of any anti-aging clinical formulation are at the heart of the matter and analyzing the Vitaae ingredients is at the top of the priority list when figuring out how they all work to fix neurological inflammation and metabolic issues.

The entirety of SANE Vitaae™ depends on these key ingredients:


Vitamin D (125mcg)

SANE Laboratories included vitamin D because there are many studies that have since concluded that a deficiency in this vitamin can increase one’s risk of infection. By allowing invading organisms to enter the body, inflammation increases and spreads all around. Hence, vitamin D is central for supporting the immune system, which in turn can eliminate the bad.

Magnafolate C® (667 mcg)
Magnafolate C® is a patented form of folate. Based on existing findings, folic acid plays an essential role in DNA and protein synthesis. Like vitamin D, a deficiency in this respective nutrient might reduce the body’s overall resistance to infections. As for its features, it is described as being highly absorbable and is the only form of folate to cross the blood-brain barrier.

VitaalMind™ Proprietary Blend (1800mg)
The VitaalMind™ Proprietary Blend can be decomposed into four essential nutrients, which include:

Acetyl L-carnitine HCl: Is used to treat mental and cognitive disorders due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

L-carnitine tartrate: Is a type of chemical that is typically used to increase energy levels, while keeping consumers in good health.

Gymnema sylvestre leaf: Carries neuroprotective properties that can prevent brain and nerve cells damage, and cognitive impairments among others.

Omega 3 fatty acid concentrate:

Cognizin® (100mg)
Cognizin® is a clinically proven form of citicoline needed to boost cellular communication between numerous neurotransmitters. This component is trusted to increase acetylcholine, i.e. the main neurotransmitter in the brain. Consequently, it might tend to one’s mood, energy and focus levels and brain cellular synthesis.

MicroActive® CoQ10 (50mg)
CoQ10 (i.e. coenzyme Q10) is a naturally produced antioxidant in the body. It not only enhances the immune system as a whole but tends to the smallest of details including our tissues and cells, energy production capacities, etc. The reason for including MicroActive® CoQ10 is because the average form of COQ10 is not easily absorbable. The former has since been backed by five human clinical trials, all of which indicated better absorption rates and the positive effects of sustained-release over 24 hours.

Together, these patented ingredients and proven plant-based nutrients work to reverse chronic psychological and metabolic issues according to the Vitaae formulator Jonathan Bailor.

Where to Buy SANE Vitaae?


Each SANE Vitaae™ comes with 15 servings, which might last anywhere between a week or two depending on how many servings are taken per day. Having said that, the original price was once $69.95 per bottle, but for a limited time, individuals can choose from the following options:

1 SANE Vitaae™ bottle: $47 each
3 SANE Vitaae™ bottles: $42 each
6 SANE Vitaae™ bottles: $33 each

Bear in mind that buying six supplies is the only way to dodge shipping and handling fees (on U.S. orders), otherwise, a small fee might be added. Also, it is incredible to see that SANE MD offers a 1-year refund policy for all Vitaae orders. This is an incredible vote of consumer confidence from SANE Solution as the onus is on the product to perform and work as advertised or your money back. That makes the one, three and six bottle options a risk-free purchase for a full 365-days for the money back guarantee to be void. That is almost unheard of and should not be taken lightly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The rising popularity in the Vitaae supplement by SANE MD warrants many questions and even concerns. Here are the most popular questions pertaining to SANE Vitaae anti-aging brain booster supplement that will help instill even more customer confidence when considering the purchase and use of Vitaae.

How does SANE Vitaae™ work?

SANE Vitaae™ has been formulated to address the issue of leaky brain syndrome; one where the blood-brain barrier loses its control over what matters are/are not allowed in. Similar to the damaging effects of the leaky gut syndrome, this condition allows bacteria and inflammatory agents to take over and deteriorate one’s daily brain function. Hence, the actual root cause targeted by SANE Vitaae™ is neurological inflammation.

Who might benefit from SANE Vitaae™?

SANE Vitaae™ is for anyone wanting to think clearer, feel better and reverse symptoms associated with chronic psychological and metabolic issues. Luckily, anyone of any age can reap these benefits due to its anti-aging nature.

What is the recommended dose for SANE Vitaae™?

It is recommended that individuals take three capsules once or twice a day with a meal.

Is SANE Vitaae™ caffeine-free?

Yes, in fact, SANE Vitaae™ is both caffeine- and stimulant-free.

Are there any allergens in SANE Vitaae™?

No, SANE Vitaae™ does not contain gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, fish, soy, shellfish, wheat, yeast or nuts. However, it was manufactured in a facility that also handles tree nuts. Should consumers have any concerns regarding allergens, their best bet would be to contact their appropriate physicians.

Does SANE Vitaae™ carry a refund policy?

Yes, SANE Vitaae™ comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. In the event that individuals fail to see any of the listed changes, customer service can be contacted (within the first year of purchase) for a complete refund.

Here are some steps to consider:

Calling: (347) 979-1735
Website: starting a chat here
Address: 60 W 2nd Ave #100 Spokane, WA 99201

Meet SANE Laboratories
Jonathan Bailor is the founder of SANE Laboratories and was the one to have conceptualized the entirety of SANE Vitaae™. As described, he developed this formula with his pregnant wife in mind, who at the time was expecting a baby girl. However, there’s more to the story behind SANE. Specifically, it originated as a not-for-profit that educated the general public on health and wellness. The brand’s overall individuality is what allowed it to go viral. Today, the team insists that their approaches are mainly rooted in modern science, with over 10 years of analysis and 1,300 studies and counting. The Health Radar also had an excellent research report on the legitimacy and safety of the Sane Vitaae supplement, as well as the Sane Viscera-3 digestive aid.

Final Thoughts

SANE Vitaae™ is a complete formula that aims to eliminate leaky brain syndrome and its associated symptoms. Mainly, it has been clinically proven as a viable brain-boosting and anti-aging solution that can help clear neurological inflammation. Consequently, one might finally be freed from low energy, reduced metabolic rates, trouble focusing, mood swings, and anxiety among others.

Even though SANE Vitaae offers a natural solution to leaky brain syndrome, it shouldn't be viewed as a cure for all related brain issues. However, individuals looking for a natural alternative can find Sane Vitaae as an option.

To find out more about SANE Vitaae™ and SANE Laboratories’ methodologies, click here.

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