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‘Warpaint’ is an immersive album for the moment

Album review: Warpaint’s ‘Warpaint’



Rough Trade Records
★★★ (out of 5 stars)

Warpaint inhabits the world of echoing spacious guitar plucks, half-whispered falsettos and continually ascending melodies where “art rock” apparently means something. The Los Angeles-based quartet’s second – and self-titled – album has a production value to die for, with the hands of Mark “Flood” Ellis and Nigel Godrich all over it, and the moody and pulsing beats of Warpaint are a dead giveaway. Whether it’s the nearly-but-not-quite pop hooks of “Love Is to Die,” the slow-jam lull of “Biggy” or even the buzzing drone-doom of “CC,” this album bleeds a gloomy atmosphere and comes to a lilting, soothing conclusion. It may not have all the right flourishes to be remembered in the long run, but Warpaint is an immersive album for the moment, ready to be consumed on indie-night dance floors.