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Waters revival rewards the nosy



Follow your nostrils to Maitland's Enzian Theater this weekend, and you'll be on the scent of a new development in the concept of the director's cut.

Two screenings of John Waters' suburban nightmare "Polyester" reinstate the scratch-'n'-sniff cards that stunk up movie houses when the film was first released to theaters in 1981. The cards' numbered smells were loosed by audience members at strategic moments in the action, signaled by corresponding numbers flashed on the screen.

When the film's theatrical run ended and it was sent to home video and cable TV, it was "arrivederci, aroma" -- a flagrant, fragrant omission. But for this event the "Odorama" feature is back, thanks to Bravo and the Independent Film Channel, who provided 500 new cards. The screenings benefit the June 11-20 Florida Film Festival, also based at Enzian. Smells like a winner.