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Ways to get a bird in the hand



So maybe a five-hour oven battle isn't your idea of Thanksgiving delights. To get a good bird anyway, what recourse do you have?

Trot down to the Winter Park Farmer's Market and talk to William "everybody calls me Bill" Brown at the M&J Seafood table, who will deep-fry a turkey for you, Cajun style, for $50. Bill says he uses only peanut oil ($25 worth per bird!) because anything else will burn. He sells about 50 a year. Better get that order in today.

If Tom Turkey has already made an appearance at your home, bring him to the Coach's Barbecue smoker outside the Market, who will smoke it for $10 and have it ready at noon on T-Day. You can also purchase a smoked turkey breast for $10-$20 if your needs are small.

For a no-effort bird, call Smokey Bones BBQ on East Colonial Drive (407-894-1511) and order a 14 to 16 pound smoked turkey for $35 that can be picked up the day before the day.