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Welcome to Annual Manual 2015


Week to week, headlines are dominated by gripes: Complaints about Congress, healthcare, taxes, questionable decisions made at City Hall meetings, crime. Sometimes, though, we like to remind ourselves that we like our city and we enjoy living in a place where it's sunny and beautiful nine months out of the year, where arts and culture have hit their stride and on any day of the week, we can hit the theme parks, indulge in fantastic local cuisine, sip the best craft beers (or cocktails) and catch some of the biggest names in theater, music or art in one of our local venues.

So this week, we release our Annual Manual, in which we don't gripe – instead, we tell you why we love Orlando and want to share it with you. Keep this manual around (or, if you're reading online, bookmark it), because it may come in handy next time you need someone to remind you how to get the most out of the beautiful city we live in.