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We’ll miss you, Mount Vernon Inn

Letters to the editor


We’ll miss you, Mount Vernon Inn

The Mount Vernon Inn is a part of Winter Park history (“Winter Park’s Mount Vernon Inn slated for redevelopment,” Aug. 20). The loss of the Red Fox Lounge, amazing breakfasts and best club sandwiches/chef salads ever for lunch would be terribly missed by longtime residents and loyal travelers alike. Many artists traveling to attend the Winter Park Art Show make it a home away from home. Alas, sometimes “progress” can be a bitter pill to swallow.
45ACP, via

Red Fox Lounge is a staple of a small, diminishing group of unique places to go in Orlando. I understand development needs, but couldn’t we find a way to save this not-so-secret, secret little hangout?
Moviebrainrot, via

About time. Orlando is in desperate need of concrete monstrosities that house luxury apartments nobody can afford to live in.
Trashywilma, via

So the brains behind building the Trader Joe’s no-parking shopping center debacle is going to destroy history? Think, Unicorp! Or did no one there ever do that?
Zanne Koller, via Facebook

Kind of a drag. I used to go there every Sunday with my dad for lunch. Loved the place ... I remember the Langford Hotel … another bit of history assigned to the memory pile.
Charles Hodges, via Facebook

That place was like walking back into the 1960s ... and I loved it.
Jack Long, via Facebook