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Where have all the flours gone?


Apparently, the scariest thing on the planet right now is a plate of spaghetti. Carbohydrates, my friends, are evil! Forget about low-fat diets, the all-grapefruit plan and the cabbage-soup regimen. Just stop eating pasta and bread, and the pounds will melt away. At least, that's what we think today.

Following the Atkins or South Beach regimen doesn't have to mean deprivation, not if you shop at The Low Carb Grocery (2806 Corrine Drive, Orlando;; (407) 894-5070), a web supermarket that supplies low-carb versions of things you didn't even know were hiding evil. The owners recently added the walk-in shop to their years-old cyberenterprise. Keto pasta, candy and bread from the Low Carb Chef line (diet Gummi Bears?), tortilla chips and Baja Bob's Strawberry Margarita mix. Even non-carb Hooters' Buffalo wing sauce. Wings and margaritas ... sounds like the next hot diet to me.