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Where the money went



Last year, the state spent only $204.5 million of its tobacco riches -- a bank account that now holds more than $1 billion.

Here's where the money went:

$82,136,565 -- Agency for Health Care Administration $75 million to match federal funding for expansion of state-subsidized health insurance for children of low-income families; $5,136,565 to Medicaid; $2 million for prosthetic and orthopedic devices for people in state-subsidized health plans.

$14,403,596 -- Department of Children and Families $10 million for Healthy Families, providing services for disadvantaged pregnant women and newborns at home; $2,879,183 to support the state's computerized information system for child welfare; $1,524,413 for the Florida System, a computerized tracking program of government benefits.

$37,396,980 -- Department of Health $15 million for county public health clinics and labs; $11 million for full-service schools, where health care and nurses are available; $5,696,980 for computerized health information systems; $4.5 million for other school health programs; $1.2 million for a children's medical information system.

$600,000 -- Department of Education Healthy Mothers and Babies education program.

$70 million -- Florida Tobacco Pilot Program $61.5 million for the health department campaign for organizing community and school drives against smoking -- the SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) team -- and the "Truth" campaign advertising the ill effects of smoking; $8.5 million to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, to enforce a ban on tobacco sales to minors and a newer law against possession of cigarettes by youth under 18.