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Worldly mix of flour and sugar



Time to take a real International drive and head up to Elsie's Bakery in DeLand. Slightly off the path of the downtown redevelopment, Elsie's is an oasis in a somewhat neglected strip mall at 658 W. New York Ave. (356-785-0065), where Carlos and Elsie Mendez, and Elsie's dad, baker Bolivar Guim, create magic out of flour and sugar.

Made daily, the German almond crescents, Nicaraguan tres leches, Italian cappuccino cakes, French cheesecake, truly outstanding Cuban sandwiches, Venezuelan bread stuffed with ham and cheese, napoleons, tiramisu, and chicken and spinach empanadas give a worldly flair to the cozy corner panaderia (bakery).

There's seating for eight at some small tables, but take your lunch and follow New York Avenue until you see the signs for Hontoon Island State Park, and enjoy the flavors of the Old World with a view of Old Florida.