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You don't have to be a student to enjoy the UCF side of Orlando



The University of Central Florida is home to thousands of Knights, but you don’t have to be a student to enjoy everything this college kingdom has to offer. The nation’s second-largest university has a sprawling domain of student housing and shopping plazas, complete with coffee shops where you’re sure to find desperate souls hunched over laptops frantically finishing term papers as well as cheap-beer strongholds offering de-stressing activities of the party type. If you want to experience the true nature of UCF, though, swing around during game day – the football team might not always win, but nothing can crush these students’ fighting spirit.


Knight Library

11448 University Blvd., 407-704-7477, knightlibrary.com

Students spend a lot of time in the library, but they won't be hitting the books here. With different events and drink specials every night, there's never a quiet moment.

Knights Pub

3910 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-720-8713, facebook.com/theknightspuborlando

Owned by UCF alumni, this popular bar is a staple for students on game day and practically every other night of the week.

The Public House

12046 Collegiate Way, 407-658-0888, publichousefl.com

This laid-back local haunt is popular with both students and their professors after a hard day of classes. CaddyShanks

4100 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-730-3015, caddyshanks.com

Brush up on your backswing while you enjoy your brew at this interactive sports bar.


Lazy Moon

11551 University Blvd., 407-658-2396, lazymoonpizza.com

The mothership location of UCF's most popular pizza joint, where all it takes is one giant slice of pie to fill anyone (really: anyone) up.

Pop Parlour

4214 E. Plaza Drive, 321-348-7677, thepopparlour.com

Locally sourced popsicles in a variety of unique flavors are the perfect way to fight the Florida heat while exploring campus.

Sus-Hi Eatstation

4498 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-826-1682, sushieatstation.com

Like the name suggests, you'll find rice bowls, wraps and, yes, sushi rolls at this funky dojo-themed eatery.


626 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-476-3093, thevespr.com

Forget the campus Starbucks: This minimalist coffee shop whips up mad-scientist-worthy brews that'll put that mocha frappuccino to shame.

Valkyrie Doughnuts

12226 Corporate Blvd., facebook.com/valkyriedoughnuts

Circle gets the square: These four-cornered, dairy- and egg-free treats are already massively popular, but don't miss the gelato and sweet nut milks as well.

Omelet Bar

11250 Strategy Blvd., 407-704-1597, facebook.com/omeletbaruCF

The perfect cure for a Friday-night hangover is a good Saturday breakfast, and this new joint founded by a UCF grad has all your morning favorites cooked to order.

Ice & Bites Café

3402 Technological Ave., 407-208-1340, facebook.com/icenbitescafe

These "kawaii" desserts, from taiyaki to bubble tea, are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Reflecting Pond

4000 Central Florida Blvd., 407-823-2000, ucf.edu

During Homecoming, thousands of students race into the water of UCF's central landmark. On a typical day, you'll probably find a few dozen students relaxing on the grassy knoll that surrounds this fountain.

UCF Arboretum

4312 Scorpius St., 407-823-3583, arboretum.ucf.edu

It might seem strange to find so much natural beauty at the heart of campus, but the arboretum makes it a mission to protect these landscapes.

Lucky's Market

11750 E. Colonial Drive, 321-354-1435, luckysmarket.com

This market's mission is to get an entire generation eating a little healthier, and with natural, organic options lining the shelves, it's becoming a student favorite.

Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center

12850 Waterford Lakes Parkway, 407-373-7444, fkorlando.com

This one-stop shop for late-night fun features 32 bowling lanes, a dance floor, an arcade and a full bar.