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Yuck’s followup ‘Glow & Behold’ loses some noisy luster

Album review: Yuck’s ‘Glow & Behold’



Yuck – Glow & Behold
Fat Possum
★★★ (out of 5 stars)

Losing their frontman after the big splash of their five-star 2011 debut could’ve wrecked this bright English band. But, considering that brick Daniel Blumberg dropped in July solo as Hebronix, Yuck has certainly come out on top on this one. Their shine’s not nearly as brilliant as before, but their songwriting and radiance is reasonably intact. They’re still mining the plush slack-rock fields of the ’90s, but with less noise, certainty and heart-burst. As a result, the album feels both tentative and transitional. The fuzz-rocking “Middle Sea” and Teenage Fanclubbing “Out of Time” are choice, but that original spark is something they need to rediscover to get back on glorious track.